Man Files Lawsuit Becuase Boneless Wings As They Are Really Just Chicken Nuggets

Man Files Lawsuit Because Boneless Wings Are Really Just Chicken Nuggets

Aimen Halim filed a lawsuit against Buffalo Wild Wings for “false and deceptive marketing” in January, after purchasing a menu item in Mount Prospect, Illinois. After discovering that the “boneless wings” he had ordered were actually made of chicken breast meat. Halim is seeking damages in the lawsuit and the man files a lawsuit because their boneless wings are really just Chicken Nuggets.

Halim claims he was under the impression that he was buying deboned chicken wings.  However, the lawsuit reveals that the product is actually made of “slices of chicken breast meat deep-fried like wings”. This is more similar to a chicken nugget than a chicken wing.

Photo by Leonardo Luz:
Photo by Leonardo Luz:

The lawsuit aims to represent thousands of consumers around the country who have purchased the chain’s “boneless wings”

Halim is seeking “damages, injunctive relief, restitution, declaratory relief, and all other remedies the Court deems appropriate. The claimant believes that he and other consumers have suffered injury in fact as a result of the chain’s deceptive practices.

The defendants named in the lawsuit include Buffalo Wild Wings and its parent company, Inspire Brands. However, the lawsuit points out that other companies sell comparable products without referring to them as wings.  Domino’s Pizza is one of these companies, which has a menu item called “boneless chicken”. Papa John’s also has a similar menu item called “Chicken Poppers.”

In response to the lawsuit, a representative for both companies pointed to a Twitter post on the official Buffalo Wild Wings account. The post declares that the chain uses all white meat chicken to make its boneless wings. Meaning the company’s buffalo wings contain 0% buffalo.

Overall, this lawsuit serves as a reminder to consumers to read the descriptions of menu items carefully. Doing this can avoid any confusion or misinterpretation. It also emphasizes that advertising should prioritize truth and accuracy when conveying information about the products they are selling.


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