A man in California has been released after more than 30 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit.

Arrested in 1990, Joaquin Ciria, 61 was accused of shooting and killing Felix Bastarrica in the SoMa District of San Francisco.

San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin said his charge was based on police misconduct and false witness testimony.

Over three decades later, his case was dismissed and his conviction rescind.

Felix’s murderer was a mutual acquaintance but Joaquin found himself in the firing line after rumours started to spread that he was the one who carried it out.

North California Innocence Project (NCIP) said that the police had forced another man into naming Joaquin as the shooter without any evidence under the threat that he will be charged with murder if he didn’t comply.

Chair of the commission, Lara Bazelon said to NBC during a press conference, “There was no DNA, no fingerprints, no murder weapon was ever recovered… had a jury heard this case today there would not have been a conviction.”

“Thirty-two years ago, you were taken away from your wife and your baby, and that is because the system failed you catastrophically… now at long last, you have a chance to take back your life.”

After the court overturned Joaquin’s sentence Boudin said, “Mr. Ciria has been in prison for more than 30 years for a crime he did not commit. Today we celebrate long overdue justice, but we cannot stop working to undo other wrongful convictions.”

In an interview with KPIX 5 from the San Francisco County Jail, Jaoquin said, “It was unbelievable. You could not describe that feeling.

“You know for me to describe that feeling to you… it is no words. It is like you’re born again. You know like your whole life is starting again.”

His mother Yoiana Paiz said, “We’re at the end now. He’s gonna be out. Whatever God has for us, we have to accept it,” and also accepted the commission’s apology.

He is still in prison while his papers are being processed and is expected to be released in the coming days.

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