After yesterday’s announcement that the Government hopes to lift all lockdown restrictions by mid-June, Boris has probably fallen back into favour with most, but one man has taken his love for BOJO to a whole other level by getting an enormous inked portrait of the PM on his stomach!

When asked about his new tattoo, Kenny Wilding, 42, from Worcestershire said he’ll never regret it because ‘Bozza’s a legend’.

In actual fact, Wilding’s real motivation for getting the tattoo was not born out of some strange obsession with our nation’s leader, but by a desire to help his friend beat cancer.

Wilding is hoping that his ‘bold’ stunt will help raise enough money to send his friend, Megan Smith, 25, to the US for a clinical trial to treat her cancer.

Megan was diagnosed with advanced-stage four rectal cancer in January 2019 and her family are aiming to raise £150,000 to get her to America for treatment.

Wilding’s portrait of the PM grimacing took two hours to complete.

“It all started when I saw Megan’s GoFundMe page and saw she needed to raise money to save her life,” Wilding said.

“It is her last chance of survival so I wanted to do something to help. I have other tattoos, including a big hunting scene on my back, and chose to get Boris tattooed on me as I thought it would raise a lot of money.

“At first, I thought I might regret my tattoo of Bozza, but everyone loves it. I will never regret doing it as it was for a special young lady.”

Megan’s cancer went misdiagnosed at first before finding that she has a rare type of mutation that only occurs in 8% of rectal cancer patients.

If Wilding and other fundraisers can raise enough cash, Megan will fly out to Keck Medical Centre in LA for treatment, which could potentially save her life.

Terri Smith, Megan’s older sister said:

“My sister needs all the help and support she can get to help fight this awful disease and me and my family are so grateful for everything everyone’s done.”

The family have raised more than £46,000 to date.

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