Man Suffers Seizure While Skydiving, Spends 30 Seconds Unconscious in Freefall, and Survives Thanks to Heroic Jump Master's Quick Thinking
Man Suffers Seizure While Skydiving, Spends 30 Seconds Unconscious in Freefall, and Survives Thanks to Heroic Jump Master's Quick Thinking

Skydiver’s Scary Seizure: Man Spends 30 Seconds Unconscious Freefalling

Man suffers a seizure while skydiving, spends 30 seconds unconscious freefalling before heroic rescue by jump master.


Skydiving is often seen as a thrilling experience for those who seek an adrenaline rush, but for Christopher, it became the scariest moment of his life after this man suffers a seizure while skydiving.

After completing stage five of his Accelerated Free Fall program, Christopher was in the midst of skydiving when he suddenly suffered a seizure, leaving him completely unconscious for a total of 30 seconds.

Christopher woke up to find himself falling from over 12,000 feet in the air. The experience was captured on camera and posted on his YouTube channel, Nomadic Adrenaline. The footage shows Christopher falling from the helicopter with his limbs evenly spread, making eye contact with his jump master before something went terribly wrong.

Within seconds, Christopher’s body began convulsing, causing him to rotate and spin out of control in the air. The jump master quickly realized something was wrong and pulled Christopher’s ripcord at around 4,000 feet while he was still unconscious.

Fortunately, Christopher regained consciousness at 3,000 feet and was able to safely land the parachute.

Video posted on Youtube by Nomadic Adrenaline

Many people commented on the video.

The video has over 18,000 comments, many of which are expressing their shock and disbelief at the terrifying moment. Some couldn’t even begin to imagine how scary it must have been for Christopher.

One person commented, “Imagine waking up mid-air and you’re falling in the sky. It would make me have another seizure.” Another person wrote, “Imagine regaining consciousness and realizing you’re literally falling from the sky! I would have then had a heart attack on top of the seizure.”

However, many praised the jump master for his quick thinking and heroic actions. One person wrote, “The man who pulled his chute is a hero. Bro, you do realize you just saved a man’s life, right? You deserve a big shiny medal for your act of heroism.” Another added, “Not all heroes wear capes.”


it’s always important to prioritize safety.

In the end, Christopher was fortunate enough to survive this terrifying experience thanks to the jump master’s heroic actions. While skydiving may seem like an exciting adventure, it’s important to remember that it comes with inherent risks, and it’s always important to prioritize safety.


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Thumbnail credit: Nomadic Adrenaline

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