A recent Twitter trend rustled a few feathers and got fast food fan’s talking after someone posted a picture on Twitter of themselves in a McDonald’s restaurant with an unknown menu option lurking in the background… “the McWhat”??

Well, the dish is a classic, a plate of spaghetti with a topping of meatballs, marinara sauce and cheese.

Wait, McDonald’s serve spaghetti? Yep, that’s right, Ronald McDonald has been busy in the kitchen cooking up the McSpaghetti… trust us, it’s a real thing!

The image of McSpaghetti was shared around on Twitter so much that it began trending, which got the conversation going, some asking where they can buy the dish, with others saying they can’t find it on the menu at their local restaurant.

So, how can you get an order of McSpaghetti? Well, one Tweeter cleared up the confusion for us saying:

“For ppl confused about the McSpaghetti, it’s Filipino”.

What does this mean? Well, before you jump on JustEat or UberEats, let us throw a McSpanner in the works. The official launch of McSpaghetti was in 1970, when it was on the normal Maccies menu. However, it was discontinued after 10 years of being served except for in two locations, Orlando Florida, and the Philippines.

So, if you want your McSpaghetti, book your flights now, or expect a long wait and heavy delivery costs and… it may arrive cold.

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