Amongst the horrific conflict Ukrainian soldiers rescue an adorable little puppy called Rambo.

The footage has been shared to Reddit and shows how they brought the insanely cute pup, Rambo, into their base.

In the clip, the soldiers can be heard explaining how they felt sorry for Rambo because are of the freezing temperatures.

So they did what anyone with a heart would do, they decided to rescue him, taking Rambo under their wing and now he’s helping the troop’s morale on the frontline.

Meet ‘Rambo’, a pup guarding post with Ukranian soldiers. from interestingasfuck

One soldier explains, ‘He is security, that’s his job. He is our watchdog. He can hear very well if a stranger is nearby.’

And turns to Rambo and says ‘He’s our protector, right Rambo?’

To which Rambo responds with the most heart-melting look and if this isn’t enough to make you fall in love with him the troops said he used to be so small he could fit in your hand.

People showed their admiration towards the troops for taking Rambo saying, ‘This is awesome. Dogs are super smart can hear/smell from far away.’ and ‘This is amazing! Good on them!’.

The footage of the adorable Rambo came to light as Ukrainian troops and civilians hold firm against the invasion of Vladimir Putin.

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