Mum Hires Grinch Who Trashed Her House and Poured Juice on Her Son

Mum, Laura Magill says she’s “disgusted” by the whole experience. The Grinch covered her kitchen tiles in Fairy Liquid, smashed eggs on the floor and then POURED JUICE over her son.

She took to Facebook to express her anger saying:

“So, paid £85 for Grinch visit…advertises the Grinch to come in, mess the kids’ bed, have pillow fights, put toilet rill around your Christmas tree and pictures at the end.”

“Versus what I got, every single bit of party food, expensive cupcakes thrown all over the place, tree decorations broke!

“Fairy Liquid poured on my kitchen floor, eggs smashed a full bottle of juice poured over my floor and SON!

“Kid’s new onesie ruined.

“Highly DO NOT recommend, emailed and complained no reply.

“The Grinch definitely came and stole Christmas. Never been so disgusted in my life!”

The experience was advertised to include pictures with the kids, understandably Laura was fuming and kicked the Grinch out before they had the chance.

She added photos of the carnage to her post showing the pure destruction caused by this mystery Grinch.

The mother even put on an incredible looking spread that had grinch themed cupcakes, cookies, dips and loads of other delicious goodies that ended up thrown over her once spotless living room.

However, some internet users were struggling to figure out why Laura’s so upset.

“Some bloke dressed as the Grinch literally rocked up, trashed the joint and then got paid for it? This is the best thing ever!”

“Paid for the Grinch, got the Grinch. No pleasing some people.”

“So you invited and paid someone to come to your house to wreck it and are unhappy with the dedication and care he showed to his craft?

“You do realise who the Grinch is don’t you? He isn’t particularly fond of Christmas.”

Whose side are you on, Laura’s or the internet?

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