New Vending Machine in Japan Sells Bear Meat 24/7

New Vending Machine in Japan Sells Bear Meat 24/7

Attention all foodies and adventure seekers! In Japan, a new vending machine is attracting attention for selling a unique delicacy – bear meat. That’s right, for just £13, you can sink your teeth into a pack of locally captured and processed wild bear meat. Available around the clock near Tazawako Station in Akita.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room, or should I say the bear? While this vending machine may seem like a unique way to appeal to tourists wanting to try something different at the dinner table, the fact remains that this is still a form of selling wild game.

The bear meat comes from locally captured bears, which are hunted in the mountains and then processed at a slaughterhouse. While this may be considered a normal practice in some cultures, it does raise ethical and environmental concerns for others.

It’s worth noting that people from regions around Tokyo have also expressed interest in buying the meat through mail orders. This raises the question of whether the demand for exotic cuisine justifies the hunting and selling of wild animals.

On the other hand, the local hunting club claims that the bear population is not at risk. They say that hunting bears is necessary to control their numbers and protect the community from bear attacks.

So, while the vending machine may seem like a fun and unique experience for some, it’s important to consider the impact of our food choices on the environment and animal welfare. The decision to try bear meat is ultimately up to the individual consumer, but it’s important to make an informed choice.

As for me, I think I’ll stick to my usual vending machine snacks for now.


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