This nursing home was overrun by adorably cute British Bulldogs and Pomeranian puppies; their reaction is so heartwarming.

The clip shows the residents of Romford Grange Care faces lighting up, stroking the tiny dogs and having their noses licked.

Larry Cooley, owner of The Bully Ranch is the man who organised it as part of their project “Bully Ranch to you”.

The Bully Ranch to you project is a personal one for 34-year-old Larry, whose main aim was to lift the residents’ spirits in the care home. It’s safe to say he did exactly that.

He shared, “Being raised by my nan and grandad in the East End of London, I have always had the utmost respect for the elderly, always helping out carrying bags and doing what I could to contribute.

“Puppies and dogs have amazing benefits such as lowering anxiety, helping with depression, and stress, conquering loneliness and even reducing physical pain.”

Overcoming loneliness is a big factor they want to achieve especially after the effects caused by the pandemic has had on the elderly.

He continued; “From the moment we entered the care home there were smiles all round from staff and residents. It was a really nice atmosphere I must say.

“During the pandemic it was hard not to notice that the elderly were affected dramatically, with no visits from family and friends and the massive change in climate.

“The residents in the care home had a rough two years but on Wednesday they were told we were coming to visit, they were very excited and kept asking after us.”

Watch below:

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