Off His Chopper; Pilot Suspended For Duct-Taping Daredevil To Helicopter

A Russian pilot has been suspended and faces investigation after a man was duct-taped to the underside of his chopper and flown over an airfield.

The dangerous stunt is believed to have been organised by 21-year-old YouTube joker, Mikhail Litvin.

In the shocking video posted online, 25-year-old Yevgeny ‘Zkeka’ Namitov can be seen hanging from the helicopter as it hovers about 10 meters above ground, held only by Duct-tape.

Image Credit: Mikhail Litvin.

Litvin spurs the daredevil on by shouting, “go on, brother… we live only once and need to remember this moment.”

It’s no surprise really that as soon as the video was published online, the pranksters soon found themselves in a spot of bother as an investigation was swiftly launched into the ‘life-threatening’ flight.

Pilot and ex-military airman, Alexander Nazarov, has been suspended from flying and his chopper has been grounded indefinitely.

Image Credit: Mikhail Litvin.

A statement said: “The pilot, acting on the instructions of the blogger, allowed the participants in the video to attach the man to the lower part of the helicopter fuselage with adhesive tape.

“He flew in a way that did not meet safety requirements, putting the life and health of the hero of the plot in danger”.

After criminal investigators checked the “reckless flight”, Namitov claimed that there were hidden safety measures in place.

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