During his full-time job in an office, Dave Newman always makes the most of his lunch breaks. He sets out to a local river to capture and document the wildlife, he has created incredible portraits of deer, ducklings, herons and foxes.

Dave is 42 and a self-taught amateur photographer, he started around four years ago in his hometown in Lincolnshire, England.

He works in the construction industry and his office is located in the middle of Sleaford, on his one-hour lunch break, Dave heads down to the local river to capture these beautiful photos.

“I only get 30/35 mins, so need to make the most of it.”

“If the weather plays ball, I try to get out.”

It can take longer than 50 minutes to get ‘the perfect shot’ but looking at this one below, who wouldn’t want to see this in person.

Dave’s favourite animal is the Kingfisher, they actually dive into the water with their eyes closed so they’re fishing blind. Another really interesting fact is how aerodynamically efficient their beaks are, they’re so efficient that many of the Japanese bullet trains are modelled to mimic it.

Whatever the location, local rivers, wildlife hides, woodlands or just driving around Dave can be found stalking all the curiously cute for his photographic project.

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