The Olympic Stratford Aquatics Park had to be evacuated due to a gas leak causing difficulty breathing.

The park has confirmed that the building and surrounding area has been cordoned off and emergency services are responding to the incident.

The emergency services arrived around 10am after reports of leaking gas causing a number of casualties.

In an official statement, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park said: “We are working closely with emergency services who are on site. We understand there are a number of casualties with breathing difficulties who are being treated by the London Ambulance Service,”

The London Ambulance Service is referring to the gas leak as a “major incident” at the Olympic Aquatic Park and that there are a “number of resources” at the scene. Both the Police and Fire Brigade are also responding to the scene.

As you can see in the above footage several emergency response vehicles are parked outside the centre.

London Ambulance Service shared a statement: “London Ambulance Service is responding to a major incident @AquaticsCentre in Stratford alongside colleagues from @LondonFire and @metpoliceuk. We have dispatched multiple resources to the scene and are treating a number of patients. More updates to follow,”

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