Optical Illusion; House That ‘Rotates’ Leaves Passers By Baffled

Described as the ‘trippiest thing ever’ a house in Australia that appears to spin as you pass it is blowing people’s minds!

The house, located near Bankstown Airport looks relatively normal, but when you pass by, it’s the antithesis of ordinary.

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TikTokker Hazel posted the weird optical illusion on social media writing ‘This spinning optical illusion house always trips me out.’

The footage has been watched nearly two million times and people can’t get their heads around it.

The house was built by Australian artist, Regina Walters and is aptly known as ‘Camofleur’.

Inspired by the work of other artists from the Sydney Camouflage Group, led by Zoologist William Dakin and including artists like Max Dupain and Frank Hinder, the group “used experimental camouflage design techniques and methods to disguise, decoy and deceive the attackers.”

It’s definitely a place to visit if you’re ever in the area and keen on seeing something trippy.

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