This is Charlie dog and he has no shame in letting you know exactly what he loves, his stuffed toy yellow duck.

In case you’re thinking the same as me, it’s not his only dog toy, he has a bunch he can choose to play with at any time but his Mr. Quakers is always the lucky duck to be picked.

Charlie’s owner Alicia said, “I noticed he would take it wherever he went and even slept with it at night, I had never seen him act this way with a stuffed toy before.” when speaking with The Dodo.

After noticing how infatuated Charlie is with the duck they hatch a brilliant plan to surprise him. A visit from an oversized mobile Mr. Quakers role played by the husband.

You can see just how overjoyed he was after first laying eyes on his giant favourite toy that had come to life.

Alicia commented, “It couldn’t have went any better! Soon as Charlie saw the life-size Mr. Quackers, his tail started wagging so fast, his entire body was moving.”

We’re certain the heartwarming moment is one they’ll all remember forever.

We’re sure Charlie would’ve been perfectly happy if Mr. Quakers never came to life but seeing how happy it made him, made it worth the effort.

I’m going to have to try this, I wonder where I can get a giant cow costume…

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