Mum and dad reflexes, speaking kid language, increased strength are just some of the ‘superpowers’ reported by parents.

They wouldn’t have it another way, according to a new US poll that shows over 4 in 5 Americans believe becoming a parent is hands down the most rewarding thing in their life. 

A survey of 2,000 parents with children that are 6 years and under revealed that 3 in 5 parents gained “mom/dad reflexes” within the first six months of becoming a parent.

53% of all surveyed said they developed “super strength” and 63% said they can understand kid language. 

Apparently, the mother is most likely to develop ‘eyes in the back of her head’ with 53% of moms developing it compared to 42% of dads.

43% agreed that becoming a role model was the biggest change they had to make after having children. You can’t be preaching that too many sweets are bad for you while stuffing your mouth at the same time after all.

The survey was completed by OnePoll on behalf of Stokke.

Milestones in a baby’s development are hugely rewarding for any parent but over two thirds (67%) said that learning how to walk was the most rewarding for both them and their child. 

71% of parents who took the survey said that the ‘little things’ are definitely the best part of becoming a parent. The kisses, hugs and jokes are what truly help matter and play a significant part in adjusting to a new parenting lifestyle. 

Surprisingly almost half of the parents polled agreed that their least favourite thing about becoming a parent was the long sleepless nights.

This being said, over 83% of those surveyed would happily exchange their Friday nights out for a cosy cuddly night in with their baby. 

Would you agree parents develop some form of superpowers?

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