Rage Against The Machine Support ‘Abort The Supreme Court’

Rage Against the Machine returned to the stage for the first time in 11 years and they wasted no time in doing what they do best… Raging against the machine.

All while shredding some of their classics.

The iconic rock group blessed the Alpine Valley Music Theatre in Wisconsin over the weekend, making it their first performance for 11 years!

RATM stayed true to themselves being defiant as ever, this time they had messages showing on the stages video screen and took jabs at the current state of the United States and the US Supreme Court.

Their rage-filled videos had hard-hitting messages like:

“Forced birth in a country that is the only wealthy country in the world without any guaranteed paid parental leave at the national level.

“Forced birth in a country where Black birth-givers experience maternal mortality two to three times higher than that of white birth-givers.

“Forced birth in a country where gun violence is the number one cause of death among children and teenagers.”

All of which was summed up with an impactful message, “Abort the Supreme Court”.


These messages of anguish come after the Supreme Court decided to overturn Roe v Wade, a law which gave women the right to have an abortion in the US.

They also took to social media to share their feelings:

But, that’s not all they did to show their support… They donated $475,000 of the proceeds from their two performances and shows to reproductive rights organisations in Illinois and Wisconsin.

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