Randomer Leaves Car On Family’s Driveway For Days Whilst On Holiday 

The father of the family woke up to find a stranger had left their car in the driveway of his home which is near Manchester Airport.

Zekaria Haile, an engineering lecturer said he had to wait four days for the owner to come and remove his vehicle.

He claims the car was left by holidaymakers flying abroad from the nearby airport, which has expensive parking.

Haile is 51 and lives with his wife and two children in Woodhouse Park, Wythenshawe and said the way the rouge vehicle was parked restricted access to the garden and bins.

When speaking with Manchester Evening News he said:

“I just went out and it was there.

“Then it was there Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. On Monday morning when we woke up it was gone.”

He called the police who said it was not a criminal offence and there was nothing they could do as they had not blocked his car in.

Halie added:

“I was very angry but I resisted doing anything to the car – just. I definitely didn’t feel all right about it. We couldn’t access our garden and we couldn’t take out our bins.”

“My worry now is that, because I couldn’t do anything about it, it will happen again.

“There are rogue parking firms who claim they are meet and greet and they just park in our area. It’s a violation of my private property.”

Apparently, there are rouge parking companies that operate in the area that take money from holidaymakers then park in random driveways. A neighbour said the driver was wearing a hi-viz so Halie believes it may have been one of those companies.

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