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Sausage Dog Owner’s Innovative Trick To Stop Them Escaping Goes Viral 

A dog owner has shared her hack to prevent her two pet Dachshunds from escaping whilst on holiday.

The disobedient duo Dottie and Maple wouldn’t stop squeezing through their caravans patio fence to meet new dog walkers and ducks during their summer break. Owner Helen Blakemore had to quickly whip up an idea that would prevent them from escaping and keep them out of harm.

Helen, Dottie and Maple were on a staycation over at Tattershall Lakes in Lincolnshire with her two children, Oscar and Megan when this happened.

While trying to find something that could be used to wedge the fence, she came across a spatula and a spoon, which surprisingly turned out to be a massive success.

As reported by TeamDogs, Helen said: “Maple gets up to everything but Dottie doesn’t normally, but it was Dottie who escaped to follow a family walking a dog. Then Maple squeezed through after her to follow.”

“We never expected them to go off following another dog down the road. In the end, we had my son and my daughter out there trying to catch them.

“Maple came back to my daughter but Dottie just carried on running. Every time my daughter ran one way she would run the other way.”

Helen had tried attaching a blanket over one end of the gate but this wasn’t enough to stop these devious dogs.

She also tried wedging the utensils through their jumpers but that didn’t work either.

Then the master plan hit, threading the spatula and spoon through their harnesses, not only did it work it also provided some laughs for the family.

How innovative would you say this Sausage dog trick is?

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