So wrong; Parents shun children’s birthday balloons that looks like ‘2ft c*ck and balls’

Facebook Marketplace is a treasure trove of the weird and the wonderful, but one particular listing has left the internet in stitches this week after someone spotted what they thought was an inappropriate ‘phallic’ balloon arrangement.

The pink and black Minnie Mouse children’s birthday balloon arrangement was supposed to look like a number one…but instead was pure “filth” according to one social media user.

The listing was posted on Facebook marketplace “due to a last-minute cancellation”, probably because it resembles a massive c*ck and balls!

The market place balloons were screenshot from Facebook and then posted on Reddit, where they gave hundreds a good giggle.

The Reddit user captioned the snap: “When your eyes get drawn to something for sale on Facebook marketplace…”

Hundreds of comments flooded in.

One posted: “‘last-minute cancellation – we sent a photo and said they didn’t want the phallic object.”

“They’re taking the Mickey,” joked another.

“It’s a 2 and half foot c*ck and balls man.”

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