The first all-civilian mission to orbit Earth on a SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft is set to launch on September 15th. The orbital mission, Inspiration 4 will send 4 crew members on a 3 day orbital flight around the Earth.

Members boarding the SpaceX include, billionaire entrepreneur and mission commander Jared Isaacman, and geoscientist and science communicator Sian Proctor will serve as the mission’s pilot. Also on board are physician assistant Hayley Arcenaux and chief medical officer and data engineer Chris Sembroski. The mission’s purpose is to raise $200m (£146m) funds for St.Jude Children Research Hospital in Tennessee.

Hayley posted this on Twitter:

One last touch of our Dragon capsule before launch,

wrote Proctor, Inspiration4’s  pilot and a geoscientist, on Twitter.

The awe visiting of our spaceship,

Arceneaux, a physician’s assistant at St. Jude, added.

“Resilience is ready to roll. She is on the Falcon and it is a beautiful sight!”

added Sembroski.

The launch window opens just after 8pm local time (1am in the UK) and is the last major flight for private spaceflight companies this year following Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin’s launches in July.

Jared Isaacman originally set a speed record flying around the world in 2009 while raising money for the Make-A-Wish programme, and later established Draken International, the world’s largest private fleet of fighter jets.

I truly want us to live in a world 50 or 100 years from now where people and jumping in their rockets like the Jetsons and there are families bouncing around on the moon with their kids in a spacesuit.

I also think if we are going to live in that world, we better conquer childhood cancer along the way.

To infinity and beyond ? Would you be prepared to fly out to space??

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