Women living in Spain are set to be offered up to three days of menstrual leave when suffering from period pains.

This new legislation is expected to be passed in Spain next week, which will make it the first country in Europe to offer this support.

At the moment menstrual leave is offered in other countries around the world including Indonesia, South Korea, Japan and Zambia.

Spanish Gynaecology and Obstetrics Society research revealed that about a third of women that menstruate suffer from a condition called dysmenorrhea which results in painful periods. However, painful periods aren’t the only symptoms women can also suffer from diarrhoea, fever and severe headaches. The pains can last up to 72 hours and it’s currently unknown why it’s more painful for some than others.

A survey taken out by the Bloody Good Period charity found that 73% of women have trouble working whilst menstruating.

Ángela Rodríguez Spanish Secretary of State for Equality and Against Gender Violence stated that stats from similar studies are ‘unacceptable’.

“This is unacceptable and should make doctors and society reflect. When the problem cannot be solved medically, we believe that it is very sensible that there is a temporary disability associated with this issue.

“Symptoms that when there is a disease that entails them, a temporary disability is granted. Therefore the same should happen with menstruation, and there is the possibility that if a woman has a very painful period, she can stay home.”

“One in four women cannot choose the feminine hygiene products she wants to buy for financial reasons. That is why we propose that they can be dispensed free of charge in educational and social centres.”

Along with the 3 days leave a requirement for schools to provide sanitary products to students who need them, VAT from the sales of pads and tampons will be removed and other products will be free.

In the UK the rise in the cost of living has caused a spike in hygiene poverty and now hygiene banks have been set up nationwide to help tackle the issue.

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