Stranger Things is Actually Based on Mind-Bending CIA Experiment

Although it may seem like the world is back to front at the moment, could the parallel Upside-Down in Stranger Things actually be real?

Of course not…but what if we told you that there are parts of the show that some believe to be real, parts like Hawkins Lab.

Grab a drink and settle in as we go down the rabbit hole to explore the Stranger Things crazy conspiracy theories that will blow your mind!

The hit Netflix show first aired in 2016 and quickly became a worldwide sensation with its creators Matt & Ross Duffer explaining that they “wanted the supernatural element to be grounded in science in some way”.

And there’s your first clue.


In fact, the show’s creators wove a real government project, known as MK-Ultra, into season 1’s storyline, which formed the basis of Dr Brenner’s experiment on Eleven.

MK-Ultra was a project created by the CIA in 1953 that was tasked to develop and weaponise mind control techniques to give the US the edge over the Russians during the cold war.

The project apparently started out as a volunteer-based initiative but soon evolved into something far more nefarious and unwilling participants were allegedly subjected to physical and mental abuse through the use of psychedelics, sleep deprivation and other experimental means.

MK-Ultra was eventually shut down in 1965 and although many of the documents relating to the project have now been destroyed, there was enough leaked information to inspire the Stranger Things Producers to create Hawkins Lab.

And if that hasn’t blown your mind enough, there’s more; the Duffer Brothers were also inspired by another alleged government project named the Montauk Project.

The Montauk Project

So much so, that the show’s original working title was ‘Montauk’.

Whilst there’s less proof to definitively suggest that the Montauk Project was real, it didn’t stop the Stranger Things team from taking the stories surrounding it to heart.

The Montauk Project allegedly involved a number of disturbing experiments that were conducted in, you guessed it, Montauk, during the 1980s.

Reports from the time state than during these experiments an Alfred Bielek accidentally opened a hole in hyperspace between Montauk in 1983 and the year 1943 – which, according to Bielek, threatened to “engulf part of the planet”. Only by destroying all of the equipment could Bielek and his brother Duncan save the world.

Bielek then went on to allege that his brother began to age rapidly because of the accident and only by travelling back in time to convince their parents to have another son could they keep Duncan alive, transferring his soul into the new brother’s body.

He also claims he can recall memories of life in the 28th century….make of that what you will.

Apparently, Duncan also began to display amazing psychic powers. According to Preston B. Nichols – who claims to have repressed memories of the Montauk Project – Duncan used a device known as the Montauk Chair to harness his newfound abilities to the point where he could even materialise objects out of thin air.

And just like Eleven, Nichols’ claims that Duncan apparently brought a monster into our world, too.

While there’s no doubt that the MK-Ultra project did exist, most people obviously have their doubts when it comes to the legitimacy of the Montauk Project.

Nevertheless, it’s fascinating to see how much they both inspired Stranger Things.

Season 4

For fans left wanting more after season 3, we have good news, Netflix has finally confirmed that season 4 is on its way and will air on 30th September 2021!

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