Take a break - Harry and Meghan

“Take a Break” Prince Harry & Meghan Message

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan are telling us all to “take a break”. The message was noticed by readers of their not-for-profit website ‘Archewell’ who noticed a pop-up message which appeared after 20 minutes of being on the site.

The message reads:

“We love having you here, but we’re mindful of your screen time. Why not take a break? We’ll be here.”

The message to limit reader’s screen time is reported to be a part of the wider mission undertaken by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex to improve users’ online experiences. Tracking your screen time is just one of Harry and Meghan’s recommendations, along with disabling notifications and removing “toxic apps”.

The Royals’ website goes on to say:

“As we increasingly understand the direct link between technology and its effect on each of us – online and offline – Archewell Foundation will continue to prioritise critical work around the state of our digital world.”

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