Teens Show Support For 6th Grader When No One Signed His Yearbook

Although the start of this story is sad, the kind-hearted teens showered the young stranger with love who was feeling down because nobody would sign his yearbook.

The sixth-grader from a charter school in Westminster, Colorado was understandably depressed and upset with himself because almost everyone refused to sign his yearbook a book full of student photos sold to celebrate the year.

After not receiving any notes from classmates other than two teachers he wrote a note to himself saying, “Hope you make some more friends. – Brody Rider.”

As you can imagine it broke his mother’s heart, she posted a photo of his note on a Facebook group for all the parents at the school.

She said she was, “overwhelmed with how much love and encouragement” other parents showed and after showing it to their kids, three grade 11 kids devised a plan.

One student called the post “soul-crushing,” after hearing about it from a fellow student.

Student Logan South said “We all just started planning that the next day we were going to go sign this kid’s yearbook,” when speaking with the KDVR-TV Denver news team.

They gathered a huge group of friends and even though none of them had met the middle schooler they headed toward his classroom.

Simone Lightfoot recalls, “We walked in and we were like where’s Brody at? Is Brody Ridder in here? And they’re like yeah he’s in the back, and we’re like Brody! We’re here to sign your yearbook bud.”

They all took turns signing his yearbook and when it was all said and done he had 100 entries with loving words of encouragement, advice and even contact details.

“I know we don’t know you, but I know you are the coolest kid! If you ever need anything, call your senior friends!” – Joanne Cooper.

After his classmates saw his newfound popularity they all started to sign his yearbook as well. However, he is sceptical that those who didn’t sign it originally will become his friends next year but it isn’t impossible.

He said, “It just made me feel better as a person… It just makes me feel better on the inside,”.

His mom also commented, “It made me feel like there’s hope for the school, there’s hope for humanity and there’s a lot of good kids in this world.”

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