A terminally ill man said he was “gobsmacked” to be arrested at home after baring his behind to a speed camera van.

Darrell Meekcon, who was recently diagnosed with multiple system atrophy, showed his behind to the van in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, on Friday.

He was then forced to the ground and arrested later that day.

West Mercia Police said the 55-year-old had been arrested for indecent exposure and dangerous driving. 

Mr Meekcon is a wheelchair user and also has Parkinson’s Disease, heart disease and kidney failure. He said after hearing his diagnosis he came up with a bucket list of things he wanted to do before he died. 

The father of two decided to focus on a speed camera van near his home town after he’d been “caught by them a couple of times for silly speeds like 35mph in a 30 zone and it always bugged me”.

“I didn’t think anything of it, it was a good laugh.”

“I was simply gobsmacked that I got arrested for mooning a speed camera,” he said.

A short time after six officers showed up at his home asking to be let in and after being refused entry they kicked in his garden gate and tackled him to the ground to cuff him.

His wife recorded the “frightening” ordeal where Mr Meekcon can be heard telling the officers he is terminally ill and would struggle to breathe. He said he also received a blow to the head. 

“I did not resist arrest once and I felt the response was completely disproportionate in the circumstances,” he said.

Supt Mark Colquhoun, local area commander said: “We appreciate the footage and commentary circulating around the incident has caused some concern.

“The incident was reviewed at the time and, after consideration of the full facts and circumstances, including reviewing officers’ body-worn video, I am satisfied that appropriate action was taken by officers.

“The incident lasted around 38 minutes from the time of arrival at the address and therefore lasted significantly longer than the footage already in the media.”

He has since been released on bail he added.

Disclaimer: We do not in any way condone this type of behaviour.

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