Terrifying ‘Humanoid’ Creature Captured Crawling on CCTV as Dogs go Wild!

Terrifying CCTV footage of a bizarre creature with weird “bent legs” has been shared online and it’s got people debating whether or not the crab-like figure is human or beast.

In the video, the creepy entity can be seen running on all fours while several dogs frantically bark at it.

Said to be the legendary “La Mona” or a “ghoul”, the clip was shared on Reddit by user u/fit_then_fat in “humanoid encounters” and it’s attracted a lot of attention.

One user said, “I would think this were a human if it weren’t for the odd back leg.”

Another added, “There are too many bends in the back legs. With that said, video could still be faked.”

Others weren’t as quick to believe what they were seeing and stated, “Probably a crackhead who got hold of the wrong stuff.”

(Image: Reddit / u/fit_then_fat)

The original poster weighed in on the debate and said the same creature had been filmed by two men who said was “La Mona” and they feared getting scratched.

Well known in cryptozoology, La Mona is a Latin American witchlike woman with a terrifying appearance who, according to the myth, stalks people at night. She is believed to strike terror into anyone who looks at her and inflict scratches and cast spells.

Well, that’s Costa Rica off my bucket list, I don’t know about you?!

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