The Gross Reason Why You Might Be Flushing Your Toilet Wrong

Are you ready to transform the way you flush your toilet? Find out the gross reason why you might be flushing your toilet wrong!

Brace yourself for a mind-blowing fact: according to molecular virology researcher, Emma Harding, you might be flushing your toilet incorrectly. Your bathroom is a breeding ground for bacteria and flushing the toilet with the lid up could be spreading germs all around your home.

Don’t fret though, you can easily prevent this from happening by simply closing the lid before you flush. By doing so, you can keep those nasty germs contained within the toilet bowl. Trust us, you don’t want those germs on your toothbrush or other surfaces in your home.

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It’s not just about closing the lid though to voiding flushing your toilet wrong, keeping your bathroom clean is also crucial. Each area of your bathroom requires its own unique cleaning method. Make sure you regularly clean your toilet, bath, shower, and sink to avoid any germ buildup.

And if someone in your household has been sick recently, it’s especially important to give your bathroom a thorough cleaning. This will help prevent the spread of illness and keep your family healthy.

So, in summary, always remember to pop the lid down and keep your bathroom spick and span for a healthier and happier home. Your toilet will thank you, and so will your family!


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