The World’s Worst Clothing Disasters You Won’t Want to Miss

Chances are most of us will look back at photos and think “what on earth was I wearing”, especially if you’re a child of the 90’s or earlier…two words – shell suits!
To help future generations not fall foul of an ‘ugly outfit moment’, we’ve compiled a list of the world’s worst clothing disasters that are beyond cringe-worthy.

1. The, unfortunately, positioned Micky Mouse Jumper.

And in a church too…oh Mickey!

2. Who doesn’t love a panda?

I mean, we all know that the world needs more pandas, but really?

3. This Fendi shawl is a steal at $990!

Wear this, and it looks like you’re being born!

4. What every bride dreams of.

This takes sh*tty design to a whole new level!

5. Read it again!

You have a filthy mind – it says gym hair, don’t care.

6. Pattern placement is everything!

This is the problem with floral prints, steer clear people!

7. When staff uniforms go wrong!

It would be hard for anyone to keep calm in those circumstances! But, then I guess that’s what the ale is for?!

8. Well that’s a ballsy choice!

When you see it, you can’t unsee it!

9. Anatomically correct unicorns.

Wow, interesting level of detail there.

10. How inspiring!

No pressure…

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