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This App Makes It Unsafe To Be A Woman Online

Users upload photos of fully clothed women and the app undresses them for free. With this singular feature, it has exploded as the most popular “deepfake” tool ever created raising the question is it unsafe to be a woman online?

Far more advance than the other app which went viral back in 2019 this new site has gained more than 38 million hits since Jan 2021. It’s now very popular in the seedy misogynist parts of the internet. (We’re refraining from naming either the app or the website to avoid increasing their traffic).

Unfortunately, no woman regardless of race or nationality is safe from being “nudified”. It doesn’t work on men as when we uploaded a photo of a mannequin dressed in male clothes the site gave him breasts and a vulva.

The results are said to be strikingly realistic with little to no visual glitches or clues that the photos are synthetically manipulated imagery, “deepfakes”. This is extremely worrying as resentful ex’s can post fake nudes of their former partners online to give the impression they’ve leaked real nudes.

The websites ungodly success bares the grim and increasingly dangerous reality of being a woman as this kind of disgusting technology continues to advance. Women are already being digitally stripped down and inserted into porn against their will via less powerful deepfake tools.

The problem is spiralling out of control with the internet and the technology becoming more accessible by the day and the imagery becoming more realistic than ever.

The vast majority of people using these [tools] want to target people they know.

Deepfake expert Henry Ajder

Do you think it’s unsafe to be a woman online?

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