This Californian Doctor Plans On Building Floating Abortion Clinic

The gynaecologist Dr Meg Autry thought of the idea to create a floating abortion clinic in an effort to avoid the newly restrictive US abortion mandate following Roe V Wade being overturned.

The floating clinic will fall under federal law and sail around states where abortion is restricted.

You could say Meg’s idea was influenced by her upbringing where she saw riverboat casinos in Mississippi when she was a child.

It makes sense, if a casino managed to float around to avoid state law then why couldn’t a floating abortion clinic?

When speaking with Insider, Meg said, “And so I was constantly thinking about, ‘What are some innovative and creative ways that we could provide access?'”

However, restrictions around the area of Mississippi her home state setting up there isn’t possible. So Meg and her team plan to set up in the Gulf of Mexico to cater for many southern states affected most by the controversial overturning Roe V Wade.

Commenting on the move Meg said, “This is potentially the quickest, closest option for some of those patients,”

Security for those onboard is the main concern for both those receiving and giving vital healthcare.

Meg said, “We know how dangerous it is for patients and providers,” but her team will do everything they can to help women with minimal other options.

When news of the floating clinic got out they were inundated with ‘heartwarming support’ and are currently looking for a suitable vessel to operate from.

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