So many people these days are caught up in physical possessions they forget what the greatest gift of all is, a warm loving heart. You just need to ask this dog called Mimi:

Dog Mimi is a resident of Brazil with her owner, Enda Kobori. She has formed the sweetest routine with a man who by looking at him, many would assume he has very little to give. However, Mimi only sees the good in this man.

Every day, Sebastião stops by to deliver joy and happiness to Mimi.

Kobori said: “Mr. Sebastião, a homeless man, can’t pass by my street without talking to Mimi, she knows who loves animals.”

Here’s one of his visits caught on camera:

We don’t know for sure when these two formed their eye-watering bond but it’s clear to see both of them look forward to their meet every single day.

If you could measure their wealth in the form of tail wags and excited cries these two unlikely friends would perhaps be the richest duo of all.

A gift that costs nothing more than a gesture of kindness is sometimes the best gift anyone can receive.

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