This Dog’s Heartfelt Hug To The Last Bit Of Snow Is Heart-Melting

Since the day Storm was brought home by his family he has been infatuated with snow. Every time winter rolls around you can see him getting more and more excited and he spends as much time out in it as possible. Storm’s family have to watch their dog’s heartfelt hug to the snow. However, they’ve found a way to make his joy last longer.

When speaking with The Dodo, Storm’s mom, Stephanie Larson said: “In the winter, he spends 50 per cent of his day outside in the snow and refuses to come inside. Much of the time, he is covered in snowballs and completely soggy by the time we can force him to come in. He is always extremely morose at the beginning of spring … He definitely holds onto winter as long as he can.”

The moment they noticed how obsessed with snow he was they started to gather a big pile on it on their deck. So while the snow on the grass began to melt he can sit on the top of his mound feeling like a king. 

As the weather in Michigan began to increase the family knew that the snow wasn’t going to last much longer and it seemed that Storm knew this as well. 

Larson said, “He noticed right away since there was no longer snow on any other parts of the deck and minimal snow to walk in on our walks,”.

Storm’s snow pile had been there since December and he never stopped playing with it but now the time has come for him to say goodbye. 

The pile finally melted but luckily for Storm, it wasn’t gone for long…

Larson shared: “It did fully melt on the fifth, but the following Monday we got snow, so now it’s back,”

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