This Family’s New Puppy Dug Up Rare Coins Worth $8k

The new puppy has already proved his weight in gold after digging up $7,564 (nearly £6,000) worth of rare sovereign coins.

Adam Clark, 51, brought Ollie a Lagotto Romagnolo, to surprise his young 9-year-old daughter, Alicia last month.

This breed of dog is used for sniffing out and digging up truffles, and while on a walk in the local English countryside the little pupper dug up a small fortune.

To the owner’s utter disbelief and of course, delight Ollie instinctively found 15 gold sovereign coins that are believed to date back to the 19th century.

Adam works in property and took his new gold coins to be examined by Chards, one of England’s leading dealers; they valued them at an impressive £5943.96 ($7,564).

The landlord is understandably thrilled with money from the buried treasure, but gave all the credit to Ollie and has now given him the title of “gold hunter.”

Adam shared “When we got him we thought he seemed special. Alicia was over the moon and we couldn’t wait to take him out for his first walk around the gala fields.

“We’d literally been walking for around ten minutes when Ollie suddenly stopped and started frantically digging away at the soil. That’s when he uncovered the pile of gold pieces—I couldn’t quite believe it.”

“The treasure is one thing, but, the fact is, I’ve bought myself my very own gold hunter, and I cannot wait to take him out again. He is obviously a very special pup and I’m thrilled with what he brings to the table—quite literally!”

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