Buddhist monks in Nepal perfectly described them as “nuisances” and are now banning TikTok creators from using their religious heritage sites as a stage for the social media app.

There is nothing that diminishes the beauty of a sacred place more than a few visitors use it as a backdrop for their TikTok videos.

Nepal decided enough is enough, as it contains many of the holiest sites in Buddhism, both Buddhist groups and security companies from around the country have started to enforce “no TikTok” zones around the sacred sites.

They have installed CCTV cameras to look out for visitors recording TikToks and then hiring security to ask the culprits to leave.

When speaking with Rest of World, Lumbini Development Trust spokesperson, Sanuraj Shakya said, “Making TikTok by playing loud music creates a nuisance for pilgrims from all over the world who come to the birthplace of Gautama Buddha. We have banned TikTok-making in and around the sacred garden, where the main temples are located.”

However, it’s not just the recording of said video which causes issues, the influencers may bring a plethora of adoring fans that may spike the interest of passersby. This in turn creates serious disturbances in normally quiet areas of Sanga and meditation.

Much like many other countries, TikTok is Nepal’s most popular social media app. One creator with a few hundred followers in Kathmandu doesn’t stop the monks and police from asking them to leave. They say what makes the app great is the ability to share creativity not the over-exploitation of famous landmarks.

Thus far the ban is in place at Buddhist pilgrimage sites at Lumbini, Ram Janaki Temple in Jankapur, Gadhimai temple in Bara, and Kathmandu’s world-famous Boudhanath Stupa.

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