TikTok Star From Reading Lands Role In West End Musical

A female Tesco worker who creates TikTok videos of her singing at work were viewed millions of times over lockdown and have landed her dream job in the West End.

Hannah Lowther the 24-year-old from Reading took the job when theatres were shutting due to the pandemic.

She didn’t let this crush her spirit and began to post videos to TikTok changing the lyrics of popular songs to fit into her shift duties.

After all of this Hannah has now been cast in Heathers The Musical when it opens again in London later this month.

After hearing the news she said to BBC:

“It’s been amazing, it’s been such an amazing experience so far.”

“I submitted some self-tape auditions and I didn’t expect anything, because when it isn’t an in-person audition you just kind of send your stuff off and forget about it.”

“And then I heard back on Saturday that I had got the job and obviously I was just beside myself because it’s my first West End contract.”

Hannah is taking on the role of New Wave Girl in the show and is the understudy for the two main characters.

She shared: “After such a long time of not doing it and just thinking that I was going to have to get a normal job and I was going to have to go down different routes and try different things.”

“It’s just given me so much hope and I started rehearsals on Monday. We have just over two weeks of rehearsals and then we open on the 25 November.”

Unfortunately, local shoppers won’t see her dancing around the aisles anymore.

“I started doing TikTok, not thinking really that anyone would see them, I was just doing it to get that ‘stageyness’ out of me,” she said.

“It started with me doing a mock Tesco version of nine to five by Dolly Parton and now I’m in a West End show.”

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