His name is Harry he recently found his new favourite thing in life, people watching through his fence.

Harry always enjoyed relaxing in his fenced back garden but as the fence slits were vertical they never really offered visual access.

Until one stormy day which knocked the fence down and gave Harry his very first look at what he’d been missing all this time. Knowing how much Harry loved looking through the fence his family rebuilt it with a slight modification.

“When my dad rebuilt the fence, there were some spaces, that’s when I caught Harry looking out the gaps!” Alex Mcleish said when speaking with The Dodo.

He was hooked from day one!

For the first time in forever, he had an unrestricted view of what lies behind the little picket fence.

Alex said: “I jokingly suggested it to my dad after I caught Harry spending a good amount of time staring out of the gaps,I woke up on Sunday morning and my dad was making it for him!”

Alex’s dad had cut out a window just so Harry could look out and watch the world go by.

“Harry knew it was for him! He watched my dad when he was making it like he was waiting for him to be finished.” shared Alex.

Since the new fence, Harry has been glued to the spot, watching the world go by wagging his little tail.

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