There’s no doubt the internet is full of weird and wonderful content even before social media. But now social media is in its prime you can get lost for hours mindlessly scrolling through the vast amounts of content. If there is any type of content that makes you smile and go ‘awww’ it has to be the adorable baby and animal videos.

Parents share their little ones doing exceptionally cute things and this could be from their first word or step, their first painting, their infectious laugh all of which give others a feeling of joy.

One viral video that recently caught our eye is of a little baby girl dressed in a matching pink outfit washing and cutting a watermelon.

The video was uploaded to Instagram profile in while you can see her picking up the watermelon which looks similar to the atlas stone strongman event. She then pops it into her mini sink, turns on the tap and begins to wash it with a brush. Once clean she struggles but perseveres on getting the watermelon out of the sink and onto the chopping board. Taking out her handheld chopper she starts to slice the fruit in an adorable fashion.

Check out the video here:


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The video has gained a massive 3.5 million likes, has been viewed over 72 million times and received over 10 thousand comments. Many viewers commented on how adorable the video is along with others stating it’s an incredible idea to help her learn key life skills.

“The little dance she does before she starts eating ???”

“This is too freaking cute”

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