VIDEO: CCTV Captures Lady Stopping To Show Stray Dogs They’re Loved

A CCTV camera mounted at the entrance of an office building in Georgia was installed to help prevent crime but it actually captured something so pure.

The street that the office is on is home to a pack of stray dogs, but the reason why they’re all there is no accident. For years, one of the office workers, Nino Tabatadze, has taken it upon herself to make sure the pups are looked after.

She said: “I give them food and water, I make friends with them.”

She lets them know they are loved too and the below CCTV footage shows just how much they appreciate her:

The video is just a quick glimpse into the bond between Tabatadze and the stray pup who may not have ever known what it’s like to be loved.

Tabatadze said: “They are very loving and warm”

The stray dogs look forward to seeing her every day and knowing that they’re being cared for every day is a reward of its own.

“Friendship with them brings me great happiness, they enlighten and warm the soul.” said Tabatadze.

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