VIDEO: Dog Lacey Fetches Her Deaf Dog Brother For Owner 

A heartwarming moment when Brie Alessi called her deaf dog into the room and her other dog goes to fetch him.

Brie is an animal care specialist from Clearwater, Florida and has two rescue Australian shepherds; Finn who has lost his hearing and Lacey who has full hearing.

In the video below you can see Brie calling for Finn to come into her bedroom while Lacey is sitting with her.

@laceyandfinnUnintentional, but so useful!♬ original sound – Em

Lacey gets up immediately, grabs her toy and fetches Finn. She reappears almost straight away with her ‘brother’ following closely behind.

Brie said that Lacey has developed this skill all by herself without any training and since their adoption in 2020 the two of them have become inseparable.

Finn was unfortunately born deaf which made him very anxious but Lacey has managed to bring him out of his shell.

​​Some commenters have asked how Lacey knew that Finn was deaf and Brie shared that it may be due to her noticing him not responding when called.

@laceyandfinn Reply to @gimmykibbler ♬ original sound – Brie Alessi

We can’t believe Lacey taught herself to fetch her deaf dog brother all on her own, what an incredibly clever pup!

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