Video of Baby Snake Breaking Out of its Shell

A video recorded by Chester Zoo shows a baby snake emerging from its egg and eventually making it out and then exploring its environment. 

The internet is full of both cute and sometimes dangerous wild animal videos. Snakes, in particular, seem to divide the community and not in just a love/hate way either. They come in a whole hose of different sizes from humongous anacondas to smaller field snakes. The majority of people do prefer watching videos of these incredible creatures as opposed to seeing them in real life and to be frank, we can’t blame them in some instances. In this recent video posted by Chester Zoo, you can observe the start of a snakes life and how they break free from their eggs.

The caption to the post reads:

“BABY SNAKES! How amazing is it to see these baby snakes emerging from their eggs? They’re the FIRST Moellendorff’s rat snakes ever to hatch at #TheZoo! Rarely has this INCREDIBLE moment been caught on camera.”

Chester Zoo continued to explain about the species of snake writing, “These babies are cause for celebration as this incredible species is under threat from habitat loss and their skin being used to make bags and shoes.”


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As you can imagine Netizens were elated by the video which was shared a few days ago and since then has amassed around 30,000 views and a load of likes. 

Commenters we more than happy to share their admiration for the endangered breed which is fantastic to see!

A deeper look into the Moellendorff rate snake

The proper name is Elaphe Moellendorffi, nicknamed the flower snake or Moellendorff’s rat snake, is a species belonging to the Colubridae family. Only found in Southeast Asia in deep woodland in China and Vietnam. They are drawn towards caves and rock face crevices for cover. Unfortunately, they are used as food, medicine and fashion accessories as well as being sold into the pet trade which is a threat to this species. Sadly, the survival rate of imported flower snakes are rather low and they often don’t make it as pets but, captive-bred individuals are sometimes available.

How do you feel about this baby snake?

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