The video posted to TikTok showing a ‘massive’ spider or the ‘monster in the house’ has gone viral.

Footage of the spider hiding in the walls of the living room in an Oldham home has been seen over 10 million times, with one video of the arachnid on TikTok reaching more than 30,000 comments and 800,000 likes.

In one short video TikTok user called Scottiemanny, uses a toothpick to poke the spider’s web to lure it from beneath the skirting board. First, the spider’s long legs come out to investigate followed by its body and creepy or cute eyes, depending on how you feel about this 8-legged creepy crawlies.

During the clip, some can be heard saying “baiting the monster in the house”, “Oh my god that is evil” and calling it “massive”.


@scottiemanny IN MY HOUSE! #manchester #spider #massivespider #fucked #oldham #uk #england #upnorth ♬ original sound – Scottie

Another video shows the spider rushing out of its hiding place with someone commenting, “look at the size of that” and “it’s hungry”.

There are comments on the video that says, “What is going on in the UK?”

“I’d give him my house keys and move out”

“Just put the house up for sale”

“Yeah the mortgage is definitely in his name”.

“It better be paying bills, cost of living crisis and all that”.

Some people urged the homeowner to grab the hoover while others came to the spider’s defence saying it should be left in peace.

Would you rather have a spider like this or flies in your home?

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