This polar bear had a tin can stuck in its mouth so he sought out some humans to help get it free.

Usually seeing a wild polar bear is extremely bad news and you need to make yourself as big and scary as possible to scare it off.

However, this was not the case this time. The starving bear came to humans for help after getting its tongue stuck in a can which left him unable to eat.

The animal was seen in Dikson, Russia which is located in the northerly Krasnoyarsk Krai region.

Desperate and starving to get the empty can of condensed milk removed from its mouth he was filmed approaching people’s houses seemingly begging for help.

He repeatedly poked his head through a fence as if it was showing the man that the can was stuck so he could help remove it.

The man wanted to help and made several attempts to remove the can which was firmly clamped around the bear’s tongue but couldn’t slide it off and decided against trying a more risky method.

He noticed that the lid of the can is still mainly attached which has the bear’s tongue firmly trapped and without wanting to slice the bear’s tongue he left it in place.

A group of vets from Moscow are heading to the small village and plan on sedating the bear, removing the can and then moving him away from the village whilst it’s sleeping.

Experts have warned that polar bears would never normally come to humans for help and if they see one again to avoid it at all costs.

That being said the residents of Dikson are hoping the bear will not come back hungry as they are planning on gifting him 50kg of fish to help with his hunger.

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