We all have mixed opinions about the “Insulate Britain” protestors blocking roads but this one mum took things into her own hands and began to drive over them in an effort to make them move.

The environmental activists have staged multiple protests over recent weeks in an effort to make the government insulate all social housing and take action against climate change.

They have formed human roadblocks across the M25, the Dover ferry terminal, and at roundabouts near central London which has infuriated drivers. Previously, one mother has shouted at them for ‘messing with children’s education’ and other motorists have been filmed dragging them off the road.

The longer the protests go on the more intense altercations are. In a clip posted by Politics For All on Twitter, protestors can be seen sitting across a crossing, holding a sign raising awareness of the campaign.

Other motorists and pedestrians can be heard urging the driver of the approaching vehicle to run over the activists. The driver then steps out and starts saying she isn’t joking and how she needs to get her son to school.

The mum yells: ‘Move out the way now. I’ll drive through you then. My son is 11 and he needs to get to school and I need to get to work.’

You can see the event unfold below, warning explicit language can be heard:

The post has amassed over 42k likes, 3,800 retweets and 1.5 million views. As you may imagine the comments are full of people in shock and in two minds as to who’s in the right. One user said: ‘Pretty selfish to sit in the middle of the road and stop people going about their business don’t you think?’

Another wrote: ‘I don’t know why Insulate Britain don’t understand this. They’re not hurting the government or big oil corporations, just hurting ordinary working-class people’

Someone also commented: ‘Attempting to run them over to get a kid to school? Bit extreme’

How do you feel about this woman who began to drive over protestors?

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