Videos of La Palma Volcanic Eruption Causing Unstoppable Lava Rivers

The ungodly roar of the newly formed volcano mouth in La Palma can be heard for miles as molten lava spews out destroying everything in its wake.

A huge proportion of La Palma is being engulfed by volcanic ash, it’s on the roads, buildings, covering cars, in their clothes and most likely lungs.

The unholy sound of the volcano can be heard for miles, like thunder striking fear into the hearts of locals. A column of thick black smoke billowing into the air, the ash filling the sky blocking out the sun on what’s meant to be a sunny 26C day.

Despite being warned to stay away many people have travelled for miles to come and see the ‘spectacle’.

The latest estimates suggest the lava has affected around 140.44 hectares and has a front of 600m.

Locals can’t help but watch on in horror as they discover a whole new appreciation for the power of mother nature, many may not remember the devastation caused by the 1971 eruption.

No lives have been lost but countless homes and belongings have been incinerated by the unstoppable lava rivers.

The eruption has caused a worry with the authorities who have warned of new dangers like acid rain, volcanic ash and toxic gases. Spain’s meteorological team have said that on Friday acid rain will fall.

The Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) is keeping a close eye on the spread of sulphur dioxide in the air which is harmful to the lungs.

It’s said that Spanish royalty King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia plan on visiting the island today ‘Thursday’.

The aftermath is said to last up to 84 days, rivers of molten rock are still flowing and emergency workers are trying their best to keep ahead and evacuate all those in the path.

It’s a mammoth task for the emergency services and we wish them all the best while tackling this unpredictable disaster.

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