Walkers Crisps Fury

Walker Crisps are under fire after it cuts 2 bags of crisps from multipacks but price remains the same.

Reports this weekend say customers are angry after the number of packs in a multipack bag have been cut.

There are just 22 bags of crisps rather than the original number of 24. But the price has stayed the same as £3.50. A consumer expert has warned shoppers felt “short-changed”.

Money Saving Expert’s reporter told the Sun: “When products get smaller but prices stay the same, shoppers rightly feel short-changed.”

“If your favourtie brand has got smaller but the price hasn’t, consider ‘downshifting’ by dropping one brand level from your casual choice – if you can’t tell the difference, stick with the cheaper one.”

“If you buy £1 bag of these Walkers Taste Icons crisps, then there’s a QR code on the back that you can go online and it gives you £5 off when you spend £20 or more at local restaurants and takeaways. You can redeem on food or soft drinks so it’s a good way to support your local food emporium.”

Earlier this year, a study of 2,000 adults found 87% feel products they buy seem smaller than they were years ago, with 83% noticing the difference in their favourite chocolates the most.

How do you feel about Walkers Crisps inflation? Have you noticed any of your favourites shrinking?

Let us know in the comments below.

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