Warning Issued to PlayStation 5 Users: Avoid Using Console in Vertical Position

Experts have issued a recent warning to PlayStation 5 users, advising them to avoid using the console in a vertical position.


According to a retail tech who specializes in console repairs, consoles have been melting due to being placed vertically. This issue has become a widespread concern among PS5 users and experts have advised to avoid using console in vertical position.

Sony has previously stated that either a vertical or horizontal position is acceptable for the PS5. However, this new warning suggests that using the console vertically could lead to serious damage. Experts has attributed the issue to a design flaw, which may cause overheating when the console is used in a vertical position.

Sony designed the PS5 to accommodate different setups and spaces, allowing users to use the console in either position.

The console’s massive size can make finding a suitable spot for it a challenge. However, some experts are now warning that using the console vertically is a recipe for disaster and can lead to permanent damage to the internal components.

The warning has come from a hardware repair expert and not directly from Sony itself. This raises questions about the official stance on the matter. While some users have been using their consoles vertically for over two years without issue, others have reported the console melting due to overheating.



Experts recommend that users avoid using their PS5s in a vertical position.

Experts recommend that users avoid using their PS5s in a vertical position until more information is available on the potential risks. Sony has not yet addressed the issue or released an official statement.

In the meantime, it is essential to ensure proper airflow around the console to avoid any potential overheating issues. Users should avoid blocking vents and ensure that they do not place the console in a confined space.

This warning has come as a surprise to many PS5 users who had been using their consoles vertically without any issues. It highlights the need for caution when using new technology and following the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

It’s important to be aware of technology issues and follow instructions. While Sony allowed vertical or horizontal use of PS5, new warning shows vertical use may cause damage.

Users should take precautions to ensure proper airflow and avoid blocking any vents. It is also essential to keep an eye out for any official statements or updates from Sony on the matter.


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