Daughter Lisa McDonald and her sister have been giving palliative care for some time when they had a heartwarming idea to bring a smile to her face. As their mom adores Bambi, wearing Bambi clothing, buying Bambi statues, and thinking deers are the most beautiful animals, is there a better way to cheer her up than bringing a real deer to surprise her?

McDonald shared a series of photos and a video of the moment to ‘The Kindness Pandemic’ Facebook group. As you can imagine it received a lot of heartwarming, tear-jerking comments.

“This is so beautiful. She would have absolutely loved this so much. You can see it in her eyes how much joy it brought to her. Bless them, and bless you and your beautiful Mum,”

“Brought me to tears. What a special and touching moment. Absolutely beautiful people to drive all that way for your mum to experience something so magical before she passes,”

They search nearby to see if they could find somewhere that would be able to make the idea come to life and that’s when they found a local petting zoo. They reached out to see if they could come out with their deer fawn which was actually called Bambi.

When speaking with the Daily Mail Lisa said: “Mum deteriorated quickly today and Simone and Chris didn’t hesitate… they drove two and a half hours to bring Bambi to meet mum, out of pure love and kindness. I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for my mum and my family.”

You can watch the video of the moment she sees the deer below:

This deer surprise meant everything to her, I’m not crying, you are!

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