Earlier this month, a couple of Anchorage snowmobilers managed to save a moose trapped under ice in a frozen creek.

Alaskans know that mooses are far from a cuddly member of the deer family, in fact, they’re pretty dangerous, and ornery animals but this didn’t faze Terry White and his friend Andrew Koerner. They wasted no time digging an eight-foot hole around the moose to aid its escape.

When speaking with local news Koerner said:

“You could just tell by his eyes that he was just so ready to get out of that hole, that’s when me and Terry looked at each other and were like, we’re not going to leave until this little guy is out of this hole.”

White and Koerner knew straight away that the poor moose had been there a while as a lot of its hair on the back of its neck had been rubbed off, it also looked rather thin.

This wasn’t a quick ordeal taking around 1 ½ hours in which time several passersby saw their efforts helped with the digging, one of them had a sledgehammer to break the ice. After some time they had finally done enough and the moose had enough room to escape, they then gave it some room to relax and climb out completely.

“It felt amazing, it felt great” Kroener said, he’d seen loads of moose in his time but never in such a close up intimate fashion.

Would you have been able to save this moose?

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