WARNING: DISTRESSING CONTENT. A woman escapes her double-locked handcuffs and shoots at police with their own assault rifle.

Grady County Sheriff’s Office was investigating a call from a homeowner called Dale Moses after Rachel Zion Clay start to act erratically.

Police managed to detain the 36-year-old handcuffing her and putting her in the back seat of their patrol car.

However, while the officers were talking with Mr Moses, Clay somehow escapes from her handcuffs and get her hands on an AR-15 assault rifle reaching past the grid into the front of the car.

You can then see her turning around taking aim at the officers and Mr Moses before opening fire and hitting Mr Moses in the chest.

One of the officers was also injured and then they ran for cover as the gunfire continued to rain from the car.

Back up was called and after a five-hour stand-off, Clay eventually gave up and stepped out of the car and lay on the ground.

She was then arrested and charged with three counts of shooting with intent to kill, and given a $1 million bond.

Both the officer and Mr Moses were treated for their injuries which luckily, were non-life-threatening.

The Grady County Undersheriff Gary Boggess confirmed that the officers had put the handcuffs on properly.

He shared, “She was able to reach up on our consoles. There are several switches; one is a gun switch to unlock the gun lock, and she found it, unlocked the gun locker, and was able to receive retrieve an AR-15 rifle. Then she was able to figure out how to put a round in it, put it on fire and she fired approximately 10 rounds at our deputies and a civilian.”

He continued to say, “One, I will say is our console. Where it actually said gun and she was able to see that, that’s gonna be replaced. We’re gonna put a switch someplace else in the vehicle to lock our gun.”

“It’s a freak deal. It’s one of these, probably, I’m not gonna say one in a million. But you know, it’s one of those deals that, you know, once it happens then you go back and try to make sure it never happens again. And that’s what we’re looking at.”

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