A new study, conducted by the University of New South Wales in Australia, claims that women who wear a lot of makeup are deemed by others as less intelligent and more likely to have casual sex – and people are raging…myself included. I mean everything else aside, who on earth thought this whole study was a good idea in the first place?

Lots of people took to social media to air their views after the research was discussed on This Morning yesterday. One social media user said: “Everything that’s wrong with the world. Judging others and making assumptions. Leave other people to look the way they want to.”

Another echoed my views and added, “Why on earth is this being researched in the first place! I wear makeup for me not anyone else. There are a lot more pressing things they can research if they’re running short of a good topic.”

The brains behind the study, which surveyed 844 men and women, said that their findings showed that women who wore heavy make-up were more likely to be objectified by men and looked down upon by women…well isn’t that just fab news. So in 2021, we’re still at a place where all it takes for a woman to be reduced to an object is too much lipstick!

Whilst scrolling through the backlash on social this morning, this was one of my fave comments,”It’s 2021, for God’s sake. I’ll continue to wear makeup for my self-confidence and be seen as less intelligent….give people a surprise when they realise I do have a brain behind all that foundation and mascara!”
So much for equality, now more than ever women are constantly having to find a balance between being invisible and being objectified. You’ve got to be nice, but not too nice! You’ve got to be hot, but not too hot! You’ve got to wear makeup, but not too much makeup! I say we slap on the warpaint and make our own rules!

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